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SANKHYA C Test Suite

SANKHYA C Test Suite is a collection of test programs that can be used to test language and library conformance, correctness and performance of C compilers. The test suite supports generation of new test programs based on templates using the Teraptor Model Space Explorer and Teraptor Verifier tools. A template specifies a class of programs that test for a particular feature or optimization. SANKHYA C Test suite includes scripts to explore a program template and generate thousands of test programs for testing a specific language feature or optimization.

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  • Verification    
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Key Features of SCTS

  • Concise and easy to understand test cases that test for various aspects of C language like expressions, statements, data structures and function calling conventions
  • Each test case tests for a specific feature which makes it easier to analyze and fix issues in the compiler when a test case fails.
  • Can be quickly configured and run to test new tool chains thereby saving time for developers and maintainers.
  • Comprehensive log of compiler tool chain commands invoked which helps in reproducing a test run quickly.
  • Detailed and easy to read report that includes status of each test case and summary statistics (total tests, passed, failed, skipped, pass percentage,etc.)
  • Performance analysis tools to generate compiler performance data and identify opportunities for improvement (available in selected subscription options)
  • Test for new features or extensions by generating test cases based on templates (available in selected subscription options

S.No. Features Express Edition Standard Edition Advanced Edition Enterprise Edition
1 Verification Yes Yes Yes Yes
2 Performance Improvements - Yes Yes
3 Number of Compilers 1 1 3 Custom
4 No. of Static Testcases 1,000 10,000 1,00,000 Custom
5 Testsuite Generation - Yes
6 Pricing $100 a quarter $1000 a quarter Request For Pricing Request For Pricing
7 Subscribe Buy Buy Contact Sales Contact Sales
8 Support Standard

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